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As of Thursday, September 13:
1. Check in with students regarding their writing benchmark. That is the priority for this week : )
2. CK12 Math: I have uploaded content for the whole month. Students should continue working, unit by unit. If they finish Chapter 1, they can complete the Chapter One Review, via CK12 in their assignments list. If they finish this review, they can move on to Chapter 2 assignments.
3. CK12 Science: Plate Tectonics: Continue working unit by unit. There are assignments uploaded through 9/21/18
4. 7th/8th graders can work on their statue project
5. They can read their books, focusing on character development
6. They can sign up for their No Red Ink Grammar site. I sent an email with directions. Once signed up, they complete their "areas of interest" then the diagnostic.