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QHIA Weekly Update: September 14, 2018

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Hello families,

This week our students seemed to really get into the groove of our independent study format. The online/independent morning framework is still new to many, and they are understanding it more and more each week, please no worries or stress : ) Our 6th graders enjoyed an hour in the garden with Melanie Burgess, part of our Junior Master Gardener program, and our 7th graders will be with her next Tuesday. We had a lively, interactive workshop on Identity with Robin Bates. The students really enjoyed it (ask them about the potatoes : )

6th graders studied cave drawings/ancient humans with Marie, and 7th/8th graders finished our focus on Liberty: “What does it mean?” with a group poem and the beginning of a statue sketch/composite art project. I led our first Improv class focusing on Movement vocabulary.

Check out this video we shared from bass player, Victor Wooten, on “Music is a Language.”



Please respond to separate email regarding field trip to Berkeley Rep in January ASAP.

*A survey will also be shared which will require a vote on the rest of our field trips this year.


Next week’s schedule:



Math Independent Study






*10-11:7th grade

Master Gardener program












Transition time


Transition time


Transition time


Transition time

12:00 - 2:30 History/VAPA Focus

12:00 - 2:30


Workshop &

Narrative Writing Focus

12:00 - 2:30

History/VAPA Focus

12:00 - 1:00

Independent Projects





Toyota Drive For Schools Fundraiser

Tickets are here!  Pick them up from me in the classroom. This is our biggest class fundraiser of the year.  You could win a car, $25,000 or many other great prizes. Our QHIA Family Booster Club retains 100% of the money from our ticket sales! (*8th graders attending the Ashland Shakespeare Trip in the Spring can earmark funds from their ticket sales towards their tuition.)

The Science Fair is November 9 this year. All Charter kids are invited to participate.

QHIA students who would like to participate can get support with their science writing/research during the morning science lab time during the month of October. Packets are in the classroom.

Applications are due to Katie Parmenter, teacher at Quail Hollow Homeschool, by Friday, Oct. 12. *The County Science Fair is in March, so if anyone is interested in participating in the County Fair, they must indicate that on their application and Katie will send them the "official packet" that needs to be followed with all the specifics.



1. Check in with students regarding their writing benchmark. That is the priority for this week : )

2. CK12 Math: I have uploaded content for the whole month. Students should continue working, unit by unit. If they finish Chapter 1, they can complete the Chapter One Review, via CK12 in their assignments list. If they finish this review, they can move on to Chapter 2 assignments.

3. CK12 Science: Plate Tectonics: Continue working unit by unit. There are assignments uploaded through 9/21/18

4. 7th/8th graders can work on their statue project

5. They can read their books, focusing on character development

6. They can sign up for their No Red Ink Grammar site. I sent an email with directions. Once signed up, they complete their "areas of interest" then the diagnostic.


Looking Ahead:

Wednesday, Sept. 26: Character Day

Thursday, October 4: Picture Day

Friday, October 5: Capture the Flag

Thursdays/Fridays: Oct. 4, Oct. 12, Oct.18, Oct. 26/3-4:30pm

Tuesday, October 9: All Charter Play Info Mtg. 3pm

Thursday, October 11: Vision & Hearing Screening

Friday, October 12: All Charter Skate Day, Science Fair Applications Due

Mondays/Tuesdays, Oct. 15, 16, 22, 23: Charter Play Auditions

Friday, October 19: NO SCHOOL for students - Professional Development Day

Saturday, October 27: Thrill the World Event in Santa Cruz

Friday, November 9: K-8 Charter Science Fair


Science Overview for the Year:

Earth Science

  • September: Plate Tectonics (3 Weeks of CK12, 1 Week of Claim/Evidence/Reasoning)

  • October: Weather  (3 Weeks of CK12, 1 Week of Claim/Evidence/Reasoning)

  • November: Student Choice  (3 Weeks of CK12, 1 Week of Independent Project)

Physical Science

  • December: Waves  (3 Weeks of CK12, 1 Week of Claim/Evidence/Reasoning)

  • January: Visible Light  (3 Weeks of CK12, 1 Week of Claim/Evidence/Reasoning)

  • February: Student Choice  (3 Weeks of CK12, 1 Week of Independent Project)

Life Science

  • March: 7th/8th Grade-Teen Talk Sexual Health Unit/6th Grade-Body Systems

  • April: Exercise and Nutrition  (3 Weeks of CK12, 1 Week of Claim/Evidence/Reasoning)

  • May: Student Choice  (3 Weeks of CK12, 1 Week of Independent Project)


*send students with a lunch and full water bottle each day

*no peanuts in snacks or lunches

Weekly Snacks: Please sign up (Thank you Kate and Michelle!)

QHIA Snack Sign Up

Community Opportunities:

Calendar of Events from BC Rec and Park

Calendar of Events at the MAH in Santa Cruz


Here is a link to a group poem the 7th and 8th graders composed this week:

Our New Colossus

As always, thank you for sharing your students with us.

~Amber & Marie

All important info, including All Student Assignments and our calendar of events, are accessible at any time here. Just click on this link:    QHIA Website

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