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QHIA Weekly Update: October 13, 2017

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Hello families,

Check out our website! Laurie Becker, former charter parent and community member, updates it, and it looks great!  Another update, Julia ended up raising $225.00 from her muffin sales, and she and her mom, Anna, raised $1200.00 to send to Puerto Rico. During whole group discussions, we have discussed ways to deal personally with the immensity of what is going on in our state, country, and world right now. This is a passionate and empathetic group.

  • We had an incredible day on the water, kayaking with Kim, Jackie, and Nicki; our guides from Blue Water Ventures. Thank you to Matt Lariz and Matt Buchanan for coming out on the water with us! It’s always wonderful to have parents participate in these special trips. As I mentioned in a separate email and on our class FB page, I will be in touch with Jackie Nunez on hosting a screening of the film, “Straws” and also how our class can engage in the Last Straw movement.

  • Students are working on original myths. Please check in with them; they were sent a checklist of what to include in their story. We have been doing mini-lessons and activities on various narrative techniques to enrich writing.

  • We finished our block with Hunter Wallraff and Improv. Student made a wonderful card for him, and expressed their desire for him to return next year.

Coming Up Next Week:

Monday/Tuesdays: Oct. 16, 17: Charter Play auditions in the Dance Room and Resource Center from 3-5:30.

Wednesday, Oct. 18: Folders of student work will go home after school, along with their weekly academic journals. Please sign either at the bottom of each day in your student’s journal in the space provided, or at the end of each week. Important: Return signed attendance sheets and journals on Thursday.  *This month, parents may keep all student work in the folders. I have what I need for their file. Regarding their benchmarks, areas of strength in their writing are highlighted. Where two areas in the same category are highlighted, it means they are transitioning between the two levels of writing for that category. Please call or email if you have any questions or concerns regarding student work or academic progress.

Thursday, Oct. 19: Family Potluck at 2pm

Friday, Oct. 20: Capture the Flag at Quail Hollow RANCH 10:30-12:30

Friday, Oct. 20: Thriller Dance Practice in the dance room (Rm. 29) from 3-4:30pm

Friday, Oct. 20: Month 2 Attendance Paper Due


LAST WEEK! PLEASE COME IN AND PURCHASE: Toyota Drive for Schools: Fundraiser!  Ticket sales are happening now through Thursday, October 19.  Prizes include cars, $25,000, and more.  The best thing about this fundraiser is that we retain 100% of the money from tickets sold. This is our biggest fundraising opportunity of the year, and how we paid for Yeshe Jackson and  Great America last year. We have the tickets in the classroom. Tickets are $5 each or a book of 6  is $25.


Weekly Snacks

Thank you to Rowan and Leslie for providing snacks this week. We are all signed up through the end of October, thank you!

QHIA Snack Sign Up

Other Dates in October:

Monday/Tuesday, Oct. 23, 24: Charter Play auditions in the Dance Room and Resource Center from 3-5:30.

Thursday, Oct. 26: First Book Club Meeting at 3pm in the Resource Center

Friday, Oct. 27: Thriller Dance Practice in the dance room (Rm. 29) from 3-4:30pm

Saturday, Oct. 28: Thrill the World Event in Santa Cruz at 3pm sharp

Tuesday, Oct. 31: Halloween/Fall Celebration at school

Thank you for sharing your students with me!



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The Santa Cruz MAH is sponsoring new events in Abbott square. Check it out!

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